Okay, so you guys have heard all about Flutter by Melissa Andrea right? Well if you haven't, Read all about it and discover the Flutter!!! 

                                    The release date Is set for October 30th!!!
                                                    The cover! Its awesome!
Quotes (to entice you further):
1.   How can I remember what I didn’t know was lost?

2.   I ached for him

3.  I was fascinated by her ability to draw that same need out of me.

4.  Have you ever had the feeling of being drawn to someone, but there wasn’t anything they had said or done?? 

5.   “How can I breathe when you look at me like that?”

6.   "The silkiness of his voice was a torturous caress that I could have endured for the rest of my life.”

7.   "I tried to stay away from you Sara, I did, but that nearly killed me and I won't do it again. I can't." 

8.   "It only gets hotter from here."

9.   "My name was Sara and I was dying before ever having found love. That much I knew.

These feelings I had for the phantom in my head could not be feelings mirrored from recollected memories. No, nobody could forget something this strong. I heard my name being called out one last time and then death took me." Flutter Oct 30th, 2012

10.  "I ached for him. The more time that went by with no signs of letting go, the more I learned that guilt didn’t come with an expiration date. I had come to terms with the fact that this would be my permanent judgment and I was perfectly willing to carry out my sentence without any hope of getting off on good behavior." FLUTTER Oct 30, 2012

11.  “Are you trying to tell me you missed me??” he teased and I watched his eyes detonate into a frenzy of blue sparks.

“I missed you as much as you miss me.’ I countered.

His smile was slow and lazy as it spread across his face. “So a lot then??”

12.  He laughed. “You sound like you’re in love with him.”

I looked over my shoulder towards the woods again and smiled softly. “I think I kinda am.”

13. "He advanced on me like a jungle cat, but I refused to back down from him. “Don’t avoid the subject. Come on Sara, lie to me, tell me you don’t look this,” his eyes dropped over the length of my body and I felt it blush under his approving gaze. “This mouth watering for me. Tell me you did this for Scott.” He looked me straight in the eyes and lowered his voice to a whisper. “I dare you.” He raised his eyebrows at me with the challenge."

14.  “Damn,” he said frustrated.

I was confused. “What?”

“I really want to kiss you.” His eyes were all over my face and I forgot how to breathe.

“Sara,” his hand came up and his thump brushed across my lips, slow and tantalizing, back and forth, over and over. I couldn’t help, but think how delicious his touch felt, “breathe Sara.” He whispered and I slowly let out the breath I had been holding. “That’s my girl.”

15.  “I suggest you watch the way you talk to her.” Adan’s voice was low and almost deadly as he spoke his threat.

He turned towards Adan. “I’m sorry, please tell me how any of this is your business.”

“Sara. Is. My. Business.” He said slowly, biting off each word.

16.  “You know, there aren’t many who can do what you’re capable of doing.”

“Creating nightmares? I hardly think I am unique in that way.”

He talked over me as if I hadn’t said anything at all.

“It’s quite an inconvenience on my end actually.”

“Yeah well join that club. There are a lot of things I find inconvenient these days.”

17. "His eyes gave him away, the smoky grey tint gleamed noticeably against the night as he ran straight for me with no signs of slowing down."

18.  I was laughing. “Sorry to disappoint you Adan.”

“Believe me Sara, you without question do not disappoint me. Confuse me: yes, drive me crazy: definitely, but disappoint, never.” He waited for me to catch my breath before he continued.

19.  “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are when you’re angrily slamming innocent books away??” He voice was low, teasing and sexy behind me.

I froze in the process of putting away another book and tried to control the pitter patter of my heart at hearing him. I had spent so much time being angry at him that I had totally ignored the part of me that actually missed him.

“Can I help you find something??” I asked putting away the last book gently this time.

“Is that the only greeting I get??” He asked with a hand over his ‘wounded’ heart.

“It’s the only greeting you get when you walk inside a book store.” I tried to keep my voice level, but even I could hear the irritation that crept up at the end of my response.

“I can’t wait to see the greeting I get when I walk inside your room then.” He laughed out loud when I blushed and leaned against the bookshelf facing me.

Now that you hvave gotten a small dose of Fluttr here is a blurb!

Sara's life is forever changed -

Waking up, buried & hidden deeply in the last place anyone would want to be, will do that. She is determined to find out how she ended up there & why, but when the only person who can help her, continuously lies to her, she finds herself forced to suffer alone. She can't ignore the strange things that begin to happen to her nor can she hide from the nightmares that haunt her sleep. And when her world collides with Adan - the mysterious boy whom she can't seem to stay away from, literally - she is consumed by the flutter that sparks whenever he is around and she is desperate to discover the reason why.

But the biggest discovery will come from the secret of what she is…


Adan’s mission to find Sara has finally begun -

It seemed simple: bring her back to the enchanted world that lives, breathes and survives because of her, but he quickly finds himself faced with an entirely new challenge. Immediately, Adan realizes that staying unknown to Sara is a task he will fail before he even begins; the pull to her is far too strong to refuse, and being with her will defy the very reason he existed. He was the key to her survival and loving her was not part of the path that he had been born to follow. Can he find it in himself too resist the urge to be with her and follow through with their destiny or will he destroy everything that had been left to Sara to protect and defend -

And the kingdom she is unaware she rules.
Melissa Andrea Interview! (That's right!)

When did you start writing?
 In high school. After reading one of my mom’s romance novels, I was hooked! Reading, writting, all of it! I couldn't get enough; it was an addiction, my passion. I will ever be a writer, even if I never publish another book after Flutter.  I hope I do though haha.

What inspired you to write Flutter?
 My daughters. They inspire me to do pretty much everything!

Do you have any advice to the aspiring writers?
My favorite question and I will have the same answer every time! Always believe in yourself! Don't be your own worst enemy! It's very easy to psych yourself out. So stepback, read a book, eat some ice cream, watch a movie - do anything to relax your mind & then try again. Don't give yourself limitations, writers know no such thing.

Have you written anything besides Flutter?
I’ve started a few books, but they are unfinished as of right now. I do plan on finishing them in the future though!

Do the characters resemble anyone in your life?
To an extent. The main character of Flutter, Sara, she has some characteristics of one of
my daughters. The first three series I’ll be releasing will actually be based off each one of my daughters.

Any further comments?
I just want to thank EVERYONE who has and continues to support me! I wouldn’t be anywhere without the friends I’ve made, honestly. I couldn’t begin to name everyone, but if you think I am talking about you, I am!


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10/20/2012 12:03pm

What a great tour post! This is a fabulous blog and I love the header at the top. What a beautiful picture. I really enjoyed reading the interview!
I'm excited for Flutter!

10/20/2012 8:21pm

Wow! A-MAZ-ING cover! Thanks for all the awesomeness indeed!

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laurie g
10/21/2012 6:40am

What a great tour post! and i love the cover

10/22/2012 7:18pm

Thank you for the giveaway Melissa! I really want to read this!!


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