Author: Quinn Loftis

Recently I have fallen in love with this lady shown above. That's right, Quinn Loftis. I have read all of the 5 books that have been released in the Grey Wolf Series. In order not to confuse the viewers of this blog I have decided to review her series as a whole.
1- Prince of Wolves (seen in picture above)
2- Blood Rites
3- Just One Drop
4- Out of the Dark
5- Beyond the Veil (new release)

I picked up and finished the first 4 books in the Grey Wolf series in less than three days. They were just that good. Quinn has the ability to drag you into her books and literally not know where you are while reading. She is my latest addiction when it come to writing. Not only is she an amazing author but she is an all around great person.

Review: 5 stars
    The books are about three friends named Jauque, Sally, and last but certainly not least, Jen. They are pushed into the relm of the supernatural called wolves. Not only do they encounter wolves but they learn what a true bond is to someone. Whether its hot chocolate or parties, sometimes even castles, these girls are inseperable. These girls fight through perils that no ordinary girl would ever think to face in any lifetime. Quinn has a way of creating event where you're sure you definantly know the ending but alas, it is completely not what anyone could have predicted. 

    Friends and enemies are challenges and some die. You are guaranteed to laugh until you cry on several occasions and cry so hard you want to jumo into the book and console the characters at hand. I have recommended this book for so many people and once again I definantly am once more. Read this book series! It's a must.

Book one, Prince of Wolves is free for Kindle and Nook!



09/30/2012 8:55pm

I love it! Great review Kat!

09/30/2012 9:41pm


10/03/2012 9:11pm

So true.

03/12/2013 11:18am

Loved all 5 books. Read them all in a week. Want the 6 th.....


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